You may have noticed from a previous post that I have been playing around with the Ricoh Theta S for a little while. Up until now, I had been fiddling with the settings and doing some basic edits all in the app on my phone.

Until yesterday.

I was curious if I could edit the Theta footage in Premiere to give it a tiny bit more polish. Turns out editing VR can be a lot more problematic than I first thought!

Firstly, the video looks like this:

ricoh theta

Secondly, you have to “unwrap” it using the Ricoh app, edit it then “inject” the 360 data back in so that Youtube/Facebook will recognise the file as a 360 degree video!

After learning all that, here is my first edited VR video of the Great Wall of China (Excuse the huge hands – I’m still experimenting on how to use the thing!)

Edit: noticed that after using the default “injector” settings, there’s a bit of a weird stitching issue. Not sure if it’s Premiere or the injector software I’m using. Will fiddle with it some more before the next VR video!