So I was very fortunate to have been invited to participate in the Samsung #To theMakers campaign to submit something creative for their exhibit. About a month or so ago, they sent me a nice little package that looked  a bit like this…

And it happened to come with a lovely hand written note too!

Well, after being give a Gear 360 and such encouraging words, how could I not make something for them? If you looked at the last post, you would’ve noticed the VR 360 videos. Both of those are from the Gear 360. And last night they held a mini exhibition showcasing some of the works that people created from their briefs.

Since it was my first time meeting the other makers, I found it quite a fun event where it was quite humbling to see what other people have done with the phone and 360 camera. I came away with some ideas of my own to try as well.

Thanks Samsung!