So the first of my birthday presents to myself arrived this morning: the Ricoh Theta S! While I haven’t quite taken it through a thorough spin, I did do a quick unboxing and video for it (see below!).


Theta S with the box

Theta S

On first impressions, here are my 3 quick thoughts:

  • Gorgeous hardware- it’s a solid well built camera that’s easy to pick up and get going with. You need the app to fiddle with the settings (but at least you can do that! The lens juts out and I can see that getting damaged if you don’t use the case
  • 360/VR videos are super immersive – I did a test shot in a cafe and a pic as I was doing the unboxing. Both, though terrible in quality, seem to take me back to the moment much more.
  • We’re not in Kansas anymore! Simply put, it’s a new platform and one that I think will take off. What you can do with the apps feels a bit basic at the moment, but I think it’s because it’d be hard for a phone to deal with that much data! Just thinking about how to get great VR shots is making my head spin(like the video!). How do you hide the tripod? Or not make your hand look mangled when you take a photo (because of the twin lens system).

I think it’s going to be quite something to learn and play with. Anyway, unboxing video and a quick photo turned video below!


RollWorld video