Soaring Sunset above Townsville


So I took my DJI Phantom to the top of Mount Stuart and found a nice clearing to take off from. The cliff face is simply amazing and the just happening to be there during the golden hour meant that I was able to get the photo above.

This is a bit of a milestone for me, since this is the first time a drone image has turned out remotely like I intended.

While that doesn’t seem like that much of a milestone, just think about what that actually means for a second. All the flying to date, understanding the camera and the different perspective the drone offers and skill required to both fly and control the camera together came together so that I could, in that exact moment, have the drone exactly where I wanted, with the camera pointing in 3D space where it should be pointing, using the settings that I dialled in on a phone app from 500m away to capture that moment.

It’s something that amazes me to think that we live in a time where all those things are not only possible, but can be done with products that can be easily bought and skills learnt only in ones spare time.