Of light and Steel bridges

Of Light and Steel Bridges

I was taking a trip down memory lane and going through some old photos earlier in the week and this one from my trip to New York stood out for me. As I was going through the images, I realised that this was the first trip where I “got” the image that I saw in my head.

All this time, I had been taking photos with an idea of what about the scene I wanted to capture and I sometimes got lucky. But most of the time, it looked nothing like I imagined. This was one of the very first photos where both my ability to compose and my ability to edit a photo “levelled up” (as if photography was a game!) to the point where I could create what I had in my imagination.

I’m sure the process doesn’t end (and I hope it never does!) but it is quite nice to see that one is actually making progress and not simply treading water.