Whew! It’s been a busy last few weeks with a lot of travel and decent amount of photo opportunities!

I had the pleasure of visiting Brisbane a few weeks ago, covering the medical retrieval jet for the week. As someone who grew up on the Gold Coast, I have to say, I never was a big fan of Brisbane during my high school years. It seemed a bit quiet and lacked that ‘vibe’ that Sydney and Melbourne had.

On this visit, however, it seems that Brisbane has found its voice. The city has grown up in the last 5-10 years since I spent some decent time here. There’s a palpable pulse with the sound of music, crowds, food stalls (and traffic) thrumming like a heart beat.

And there are also heaps of places to take some great photos!

Here’s some taken from my mobile on that week. We were tasked on several jobs and dropped in to Horn Island, Darwin, Adelaide, Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

Here are some photos from over at Instagram. This was the first time one of them got featured by the Brisbane official Instagram page as well…